purchase : editionof.bigcartel.com  'Mirror Mirror' | 6:44 | lathe cut 7" | 2017 | Edition 0f 21  Single sided 7" w red text printed on clear acetate, hand assembled, numbered and initialed.  Except from a single channel audio installation drawing its source material from Andrei Tarkovsky’s ‘The Mirror’. All of the visual elements, music and dialog have been removed.  "Above all, I feel that the sounds of this world are so beautiful that only if we could learn to listen to them properly, cinema would have no need for music at all" - Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time  *Due to the extremely limited nature of this release only one per customer please.  About the installation : I've always been particularly enamored by the amount of space there is in the soundtrack to Andrei Tarkovsky’s ‘The Mirror’ (1975) and the way in which it creates a unique focus on incidental sounds and subtle details. The more I thought about this aspect of the film I became curious what the experience would be like if you were to do away with everything else and it consisted only of these elements. With this in mind the idea was to remove all of the visuals as well as any dialog or music in the soundtrack to hear what we are left with.  After editing out these parts the left over pieces were kept in linear order so they follow the same sequence as the original. The edits are made as clean as possible without altering sound with fades etc to highlight the content rather then the edits themselves. The film is originally 108 minutes in length after these edits we are left with 30 min of incidental sounds. The full 30 min audio is intended to be played back on a single speaker in a dark room.
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